Please get the artificial breast to the women of lost breast.


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As women’s staffs answer to the consultation on the artificial breast. Please will you consult cheerfully about it.

The exclusive use consultation center locate in Nagoya city.

Consultation Guides
URO medical Japan Co., Ltd.
1-231 Takayashiro Meito-Ku(Ward) Nagoya City

Phone +81-52-776-6918

weekday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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The protection of private information

●It’s provided the information manager, and the role and responsibility of the employee in definite.The information is properly used and protected.
●Except The right reason is provided in the law. The private information don’t disclose and offer without personal permission.
●It’s taken care to keep exact and newest private information. The rational security countermeasure is executed in order to prevent an outflow, falsification and leakage of private informations.
●When it’s requested the disclose, revision and stop of use of the private information, it’s dealed with after the confirmation of personal.
●When it’s accepted a complaint about the dealing of private informations, it’s made effort to deal with suitably and quickly.

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