Please get the artificial breast to the women of lost breast.


Q & A

Q:How many time needs after the operation?
A:It could produce when the scar of operation was stable. After three months of operation is a standard.

Q:How many term is it made?
A:The producing term needs from three weeks to one months.

Q:Is it needs the traveling expense?
A:The consultation needs not in particular. It’s needed the traveling expenses for working of the duplication, color match except Nagoya area.

Q:What is differ between the full order high-quality grade(\500,000) and the full order standard grade(\285,000) ?
A:The high-quality grade is made realistically and the borderline is very invisible. The standard grade also is made statisfactory quality. It’s finished nicely one by one.

Q:Is it taken a bath and hot spring?
A:Yes, it can take a bath.It’s not peel off that the artificial breast adhere to the skin by adhesive.

Q:Is it quite safe in case of the delicate skin?
A:Yes, the patch test is executed before the use. As there are some kind of adhesives, it can use the suitable adhesive to your own skin.

Q:Is it executed the dealing of the duplication or the color match by women’s staffs?
A:Yes. It’s dealt with women’s staffs or men’s staffs in answer to the client wish.

Q:How many the term of guarantee is it?
A:The guarantee of repair is for three years.

Q:Is it gone the staff all over Japan?
A:Yes, the staff will go (to the hospital or your own home) but the schedule require sufficient time. (traveling expenses in addition)

Q:What kinds of brassiere is suitable?
A:You can put on the ordinary brassiere.

Q:Is it excuted the check of the artificial breast?
A:It’s excuted the periodical check. (5 - 6 checks during 3 years)

Q:Is it always set to the body?
A:Usually it’s set to the body in the morning and taken off before the sleeping in the night.

Q:Is there a softness of the artificial breast?
A:It is intended possibly to reproduce the softness of the health breast.

Q:What is it made of?
A:It’s the medical silicon rubber.

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