Please get the artificial breast to the women of lost breast.


The Produce of The artificial breast.

The anaplastologist takes the responsibility for making of the artificial breast.

Who is an anaplastologist?

The anaplastologist is the devoted engineer to recover from the artificial filling artistically and scientifically for the cancer, visible injury, body’s congenital malformation and the lacked part.They have the mind of service and execute anaplastic operation with the mind of service.

It shows that a silicone rubber for epithelium attach on a hand.
And it is possible to make realistically an invisible borderline.

サンプル写真1 サンプル写真2

It’s reproduced on natural softness and feeling in a body.

Example of an artificial breast fitting




The full ordered artificial breast.

It protected to slip by the original absorbent. You can put on your own brassiere because of little sweat. (You can go to the spar with the ordinary style.)

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