Please get the artificial breast to the women of lost breast.


What is the artificial breast?

The artificial breast is a prosthesis that recover a part of loss of the breast look as beautiful as possible. It is the one to assist the social participation to the ladies under the necessity though cannot recover to the lost function.

The production and sale of the artificial breast has been done that allays not only a hurt of the body where the breast has been excised due to breast cancers but also a hurt of the mind. When it glances at the artificial breast, it cannot recognize the artificial product. The artificial breast is completely custom-made that makes by the hand one by one carefully according to the symptom in each.

Features of Artificial Breast

Natural feeling

It colors to the medical silicon rubber that become base according to the skin color and properties, and a natural feeling is expressed.

Light and Shadow

A more natural expression is done by the partial gloss control of the match to the skin color and the surface properties of the diseased part in addition to the characterization.


The shift part of the epithelium of artificial breast and the skin is possible to make invisible border by the color match of the extremely thin film of strong silicon rubber. The border is very invisible, and became possible to make very naturally it.


The medical silicon rubber of the highest quality is matched to the part and the case, we use properly the silicon rubber with different hardness and character in addition, durability has been improved by an original dual structure. It will make it by effort to be able to use for a long time as a part of important body.


The artificial breast is set to the body with an original medical adhesive everyday, and the shower, bathing, the swim, the hot spring, and sex become possible.

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